Village Clerk / Deputy Village Clerk

Village ClerkTraci Wallace
phone: 315-963-7564
fax: 315-963-0971
Deputy Village ClerkDesiray Tanner
phone: 315-963-7564
fax: 315-963-0971

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For your convenience, the Village Clerk’s office generally does not close during the lunch hour.

Online Bill Payment

Village of Mexico, NY is excited to offer residents an easy and convenient method to view and pay their utility bills online. Payments can also be made online for Property Tax, Building Permits and Fire Inspections.

Pay by phone: You may also make a payment by phone or check your account balance 24/7 with our automated phone service. Call (844) 719-2185.

This is a fee-based service. For credit card transactions, the service fee is 3.25% with a minimum of $3.95. For electronic check (ACH/EFT) transactions the service fee is $3.95. For payment by phone there is an additional fee of $1.00.

Water/Sewer Village Bills

The Village Clerk collects payments for Village water/sewer bills only (White postcards). Village water/sewer is billed quarterly March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. Payments may be made in person via cash or check. Check payments may be sent by mail or dropped in our secure drop box located directly on the Village Office main entrance. Cash payments may also be dropped in our secure drop box.
The Village will NOT be taking credit card payments over the phone or in person you will need to set up an account to process your Credit card payments online just click the link below.


The Village Clerk’s Office can assist with the following:

Notary Public:
The Village Clerk provides notary services to the public.

Tax Collector:
The Village Clerk collects for village taxes, only.

Sewer and Water Bills:
The Village Clerk collects payments for sewer and water bills.

Records Management Officer:
The Village Clerk is the Records Management Officer and serves as the custodian of all public records for the village, including minutes for all meetings, filing created resolutions, Village Ordinances and Local Laws, Village Oaths of Office, proofs of publication and posting of legal notices, vital statistics, resignations and the official bulletin board. Copies of minutes of Village Board meetings are available in the Village Clerk’s Office for a fee of $.25 per page. There is no fee for copies of the current Village Budget.

Freedom of Information Law:
Freedoms of Information requests are made to the Village Clerk. All applicants will receive a response within five business days. If additional time is required to fulfill the request, the applicant will be supplied with an estimated date of availability. If the request is denied, the applicant will be supplied with a written explanation of the reason(s), and information regarding the appeals process. There is a fee of $.25 per page.

Registrar of Vital Statistics:
Birth and death certificates are filed with the Registrar of Vital Statistics only if the birth or death occurred within the village limits. Certified copies of marriage certificates may be obtained only if the original marriage license was issued from the Village Clerk’s Office. An application form must be submitted along with photo identification and $20 for first copy and $10 for each additional copy payable by cash or check.

Disabled Parking Permits:
To obtain a disabled parking permit, your physician must complete form MV-664.1. You must return it to the Village Clerk along with your driver’s license. You will be issued ONE parking permit. There is no charge for disabled parking permits.

Racing & Wagering Licenses:
To obtain a license for Games of Chance or Bingo, an organization must obtain a New York State registration number from New York State Racing & Wagering and file the appropriate application forms in triplicate with the Village Clerk.

Marriage Licenses, Dog Licenses, and Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Licenses may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office.

The Town Clerk is also the official coordinator for all special Town elections or referendums and advises the State of vacancies for elections. Voters may obtain voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications at the Town Clerk’s Office.