Village Cemetery

Established 1838

Rules & Regulations

  • The cemetery is under VIDEO SURVEILLANCE at all times.
  • Cemetery hours are DAWN TO DUSK. Anyone found to be in the cemetery except during these hours will be subject to prosecution.
  • During the winter months the cemetery will be CLOSED to vehicles, but a pathway will be maintained for pedestrian traffic after all sidewalks are cleared of snow.
  • All dogs MUST be on leash and all pet waste MUST be cleaned up and disposed of properly.
  • Drinking alcohol, drug use, recreational vehicle usage, hunting, fishing, trapping or sports play is strictly prohibited.
  • Loitering, soliciting or vagrancy is NOT PERMITTED.
  • Firearms other than for military honors are NOT PERMITTED at any time.
  • Vehicles are prohibited from leaving the designated roadways, but should be pulled to the side to let other vehicles pass by.
  • Any excavation without permission of the village is strictly prohibited.
  • No person or persons shall bury anything in the cemetery. All burials of any type are to be performed by village personnel only. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Plantings other than flowers, small bushes, etc. are prohibited and will be removed upon discovery.
  • All monument foundations are to be constructed by village personnel and monuments are to be set by a professional monument company. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Maximum width of a monument on a single grave is 36 inches
  • The village reserves the right to remove dead flowers, faded artificial flowers/decorations and overgrown plantings that impede the maintenance operation.
  • Reasonable efforts are made to protect approved memorials, flowers, etc. but the village disclaims responsibility for any damage or injury thereto.
  • Rubbish collected from the lots must be removed to places of deposit. Trashcans are provided for that purpose. No household or vehicle trash please.
  • The village may expel from the cemetery, or cause to be arrested, any person or persons that are in violation of the posted cemetery rules & regulations.
  • Persons are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the deceased and quiet reflection for the living. We kindly ask that you respect the rules.
  • The village reserves the right to amend, modify, or suspend any existing rules or regulations or to adopt new rules and regulations as the need arises.
  • Any questions or concerns please contact the Village of Mexico office (315) 963-7564