Tax Collector

Tax Collector
Tax CollectorNicole Wild
phone: 315-963-7633
fax: 315-963-8806

Did you know??

Answers to 90% of the questions we receive regarding tax bills can be found directly on your tax bill! In order to help us serve the town as efficiently as possible, please thoroughly read your tax bill before calling the office. I have created a 2023 Sample Tax Bill below that will point you to the important sections of your bill with information to help you better understand how, where, and when to pay your tax bill, as well as what information you should have ready when calling the office with questions.

2023 Sample Tax Bill

2023 Sample Tax Bill

Tax Collector Business hours (January 1 to March 31 only; closed Fridays and Holidays):

Monday                   10am – 6pm
Tuesday                   10am – 4pm
Wednesday              10am – 4pm
Thursday                  10am – 4pm
Friday                           CLOSED
Saturday-Sunday         CLOSED

The Town Clerk collects Town and County property taxes. Tax bills are mailed out at the end of December and can be accepted online or during Tax Collector office hours in the Town Office, penalty-free, from December 31st until January 31st. Tax bills paid after January 31st are subject to penalties. The Town Office cannot collect tax payments after March 31st. However, we do accept payments with a USPS postmark of January 31st or earlier. Your tax bill can be viewed online at the Tax Glance link below as soon as our office receives and uploads your electronic tax bills from the Oswego County Office, which is not until the end of December.

Our office collects neither school nor village taxes.

Ways to Pay:

Check/Money Order payable to 

-In person during our Tax Collector Business Hours
-Drop payments securely in our Drop Box located directly to the left of our front door entrance
-Online at the link below

*We offer a payment option by credit card as a convenience to our residents. Unfortunately, due to processing fees which are beyond our control, there is a $1.75 or 3% processing fee for all credit/debit card transactions (whichever is higher) and a flat $2.50 processing fee for all e-check payments. This fee is not determined by the town nor is it revenue for the town.

To view and/or pay your taxes online please use the following link:

Tax Glance