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2023-2024 Village Annual Budget

Village of Mexico Annual Budget for 2023-2024

2023-2024 Village Annual Budget

Reports (Annual)

2023 Comprehensive Plan

Purpose Of The Plan
The purpose of the plan is to provide a blueprint for the physical development of the town for the future. It prepares for the new waves of residential, commercial and industrial development that Mexico may face as the growth of the Syracuse metropolitan area continues to expand into the region. The plan will provide a framework for the existing land development and land subdivision controls. It will also help assure that the growth of the area will be in concert with future plans for water, sewer and road development, and will protect natural resource values. Finally, it is hoped that other levels of government (state, county, and other local governments) will find the plan useful in shaping their future development activities. It is the purpose of this plan to help others to plan and develop in accord with the desires of the citizens of Mexico.

Mexico Comprehensive Plan