Mexico Cemeteries

1. Mexico Village Cemetery
Mexico Village cemetery was opened in 1838. The first burial in the new public cemetery was that year. Smaller lots had been used on the land before that date and earlier stones can be found near the road in the Southeast section of the “old part”. The vault was built in 1887 and the Soldiers Monument was dedicated in 1889. Land was purchased across Black Creek in 1909 to make a large addition to the cemetery. More land has been bought in recent years to meet the expanding needs of the community.

The Village Cemetery is located just North of Maint Street on Academy Street.

2. Arthur Cemetery
Arthur Cemetery was also called the Greenville Cemetery. Early Settlers from Tollgate, Arthur and Texas are at rest here. The earliest burial is 1826.

The Arthur Cemetery is located on the East side of the George Road, two miles from State Route 104 West of the Village.

3. Primitive Cemetery
George Scriba donated land for the settlement’s first public cemetery in 1809. The first burial was in 1809 although the grave was not marked for many years. It is the second largest cemetery in Mexico and many of our earliest settlers are buried here.

The Primitive Cemetery is located on the North side of Tubbs Road approximately one mile from the Village of Mexico.

4. Maple View Cemetery
Maple view cemetery was originally called Union Square. The settlement was a popular stopping place for both east-west and north -south travelers. Families from the eastern side of Mexico Township buried their loved one here. The earliest known grave is 1823.

The Maple View Cemetery is located on the East side of State Route 11 North of Maple View Corners, approximately four miles from the Village of Mexico.

5. Colosse Cemetery
Colosse was one of our earliest settlements and the cemetery is one our oldest. The Baptist Church was built next to the burial ground and church takes care of it to this day. The earliest grave is 1813.

Colosse Cemetery is located on the East side of State Route 11 in Colosse approximately five miles from Village of Mexico.

6. French Protestant Cemetery
The French Street Protestant Cemetery served the French and other immigrants who were not Catholic. Many of the bodies and stones have been moved to Parish or Central Square. The first known burial is 1841.

The French Protestant Cemetery is located on the East side of State Route 11 South of Colosse, about six miles from the Village of Mexico.

7. French Catholic-St. Ann’s Cemetery
This Cemetery served the Catholic settlers of French Street. These people came from the Alsace-Lorraine area of France and several inscriptions are written in French. The cemetery was first used in 1841.

The French Catholic – St. Ann’s Cemetery is located on the West side of French Street about one mile from State Route 69, about a total of six miles from the Village of Mexico.

8. Wellwood Cemetery
The Wellwood Cemetery is also known as South Mexico Cemetery. The land was deeded to the Trustees of the Burying Ground Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Wellwood. The earliest gravestone is 1824.

The Wellwood Cemetery is located on the East side of State Route 3 about three miles South of the Village of Mexico.